We are a couple of friends who have lived for several years in different countries and travelled all over the world gaining lots of experience in the hospitality industry. We have decided to move to Sardinia because, in our opinion, it has everything we want from life, an island full of allure with a great climate influenced by the Mediterranean sea with warm, long summers and brief and mild winters with short rainy seasons in between. It has 1,849 km of immaculate coastline and it has got great geographical variety and plenty of different landscapes, 60% of the land is used for breeding, more than 20% for agriculture, closed forests and areas that are not exploitable and the rest, only a very small percentage for urban areas and a fantastic, friendly and kind hearted culture.

We are fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, Hindi, Sindhi, Urdu and we also speak French and Portuguese.

The farm

The farm is situated in the territory of Borore located in the centre of the island, just 58 kilometers away from our Agriturismo. The unspoilt countryside provides the ideal environment for cattle, pigs, chickens and sheep from which we make traditional local produce from these hand-reared animals. There is also a garden where organic vegetables are growing in abundance in the most natural way. The soil gives us potatoes, tomatoes, courgette, aubergine, cucumber, a variety of herbs and fruits, such as melons and watermelons. We are able to arrange visits to our farm where you can experience first-hand, our attachment to the land and our traditions. There is the opportunity to see and work with the animals, and, when the season is right, witness the production of cheese and meat.